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To get tax benefits, trust agreements must meet numerous complex technical requirements. Omit a key phrase or include a few prohibited words and IRS can disallow the income, gift or estate tax charitable deduction. Charitable deduction claims must be substantiated in great detail and income must be properly reported ­ by donor and charity. Unfortunately, IRS's sample documents don't do the job. Following them blindly can result in the loss of a deduction and other unpleasant tax consequences. Teitell points out the pitfalls and builds on IRS's specimens to give you workable documents.
 This Two-Volume Set:

Explains income, gift, estate and capital gains tax implications for all types of deferred gifts.

Provides simplified forms, instructions and tables for computing charitable deductions for all deferred gifts.

Includes a comprehensive explanation of wills, estate planning, life insurances gifts and specimen SEC disclosure statement for a pooled income fund.

Provides specimen agreements for all types of lifetime and testamentary trusts.

Includes specimen forms for reporting to the federal government.


Two-Volume Set

$315 plus shipping & $6.50 handling. Looseleaf—supplemented and revised annually.


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